Our Faculty is highly qualified, trained and experienced and many of them have been with us for many years. The  student teacher ratio in each class enables our teachers to give individual attention to each student. The management encourages the faculty to upgrade their specialization and pursue any research work to develop their talents further. Regular workshops and in house training/orientation further chisels their teaching skills. Each and every teacher is competent to teach through the digital classes installed in the classrooms. The use of short throw projectors and interactive Whiteboards has made teaching effective, efficient and fun filled. Each teacher of the school is guided by one principle, one core value:


  • I- Integrity: They are good role models, do what is right, for students without prejudice or bias.
  • C- Care & Share: They share ideas and explain to students, parents, colleagues and friends when they need help.
  • A- Adventurous Spirit: They are willing to try new ideas to help students learn better, embrace changes and take risks.
  • R- Responsibility: They strive to accomplish the vision and mission of the school. They are responsible for maximizing students’ potential. They customize teaching methods to meet students’ needs and cater to their abilities. They build good relationships with students. They ensure a safe and secure school environment.
  • E- Excellence in All They Do: They prepare their lessons/ activities very well to engage students so that they excel in their studies as well as other school activities. They constantly upgrade themselves to develop professionally.

Sprindales Children’s School is an oasis of knowledge in Kota city away from the maddening crowd yet easily accessible. 



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