Letter of appreciation to school from parents of Aashna Utwani, Class VI

I would you like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that your teachers have done for my daughters and other students of school. We thank you for staffing it with a unique group of multi – talented teachers. Teacher’s calm presence, love of children and quiet leadership make a perfect school for children. The method of getting the revision done by the mock test at the time of examination is very commendable. So there is no unnecessary burden on the children in the final exams. From time to time activities and science projects, models, sports days, quiz competition, debates, fancy dress, activities related to festivals and many other programs that are being done by your School, boost the creativity and power of children- by themselves – this is very important. There are many things your teachers have taught – that girls are very important, whether they are about good touch, bad touch or the problems faced by girls. The concrete steps related to safety of students are also commendable like education of Taekwando and other education related to safety…

Just recently you’re singing and dancing competition is a commendable step to revive the talent of the children. ….. and now the “Spring Fete” that you are organizing is also a very commendable step to teach children hard work and savings. Thank you very much for this……

Your digital class rooms and method of teaching make your school unique……

I would like to thank once again to prove that my decision to choose a better school for my kids was good..

Kashish Utwani

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