Our laboratories are well stocked with modern, scientific apparatus, models and charts as per the NCERT syllabus and much more to ignite the minds of our budding scientists. They enable students to clarify concepts by putting theory into practice as they carry out demos, experiments and practicals here. All experiments are carried out under the vigilance of our highly trained teachers and Lab Assistants.

When our students need higher concepts to be explained they are taken to the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs by our resourceful teachers. These spacious and airy labs are hubs of activity all the year round. They have groomed our students so well that our junior scientists have shared the stage with participants from the Middle East, Phillipines and other countries at the National Level competitions organized by the National Children’s Science Congress (Govt. of India)


The huge lab (32×31 sq. mtrs) can comfortably accommodate a batch of 30 students at a time.The spic and span lab is well ventilated and well maintained. Platforms of appropriate height with more than sufficient furniture and apparatus help our students explore the concepts of optics, electronics and magnetism among others. They use sonometers,potentiometers, galvanometers, ammeters, voltmeters etc. to develop the conceptual competence required to prepare them for professional courses in their future careers.


The 32×31 sq. mtrs. Lab is well maintained and along with beakers funnels, measuring cylinders etc. we have many charts and models to explain different topics. We also have a large number of permanent slides on different topics and many microscopes (both compound microscopes and dissecting microscopes.)Practical experiments here help our aspiring doctorsto visualize the concepts of biology with more clarity.


Our 41×21 sq. mtr Chemistry Lab has ample exhaust fans to keep away the fumes as students perform practicals. Children are well trained in Safety Rules. These guidelines are also displayed in the Lab. A separate store room is available to store hazardous chemicals. Fire Extinguishers are close at hand.

Here our students learn how to prepare solutions, organic and inorganic compounds. Volumetric analysis as well as qualitative analysis is carried out. Students learn how to use Digital Balance, Chemical Balance, Kipps Apparatus, Bunsen Burners, Burettes and Pippettes all available in sufficient number.



This is the place where we groom our Maths Wizards who have won accolades at the international level too. Here our teachers make Maths enjoyable for all students with fun-filled activities.


Here at Springdales, we believe in harnessing the tremendous potential of technology to the maximum utilization.

Our fully equipped Computer labs with the latest technology provide an appropriate platform to the students to be proficient in handling technology.

An early exposure to the basics of computer is given at Springdales to prepare the student to operate office packages, animation and audio.

Computer education in the school ensures the student an access to the vast world of information and technology.

Sprindales Children’s School is an oasis of knowledge in Kota city away from the maddening crowd yet easily accessible. 



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